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Best Ruby on Rails (ROR) Development Company:
Ruby is an object oriented scripting language. At Technorizen , we have a really passionate team with years-long experience in Ruby on Rails (ROR ) development that aims at providing you with most formidable applications development solutions. Rails are a Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework based on Ruby and used for developing web applications. The Rails framework supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, DB2 and Oracle databases. Ruby on Rails development comes with features such as Model View Controller architecture that separates data from logic i.e. presentation layer and helps in organizing application program. RoR database access library simplifies data handling.
Our team of developers is committed to provide you with high quality services and most sustainable solutions along with most dependable support system. Our efficient team with its expertise the Rails, one of the most popular open source technologies, is genuinely dedicated in providing our customers with exactly what they look for.

Our Core Practices in ROR Programming includes:

Why ROR:

    • Rails works well with various web servers and databases as it is really easy to deploy web solutions using Rails.
    • With Ruby on Rails, work is done faster otherwise before web applications which were using languages such as PHP, Java, ASP, could take ages to complete and in the end you may just have a large stack of unmanagble codes.
    • Rails provide fast and easy development with quality results.
    • With ROR you need to write few lines of code in comparison to other programming language to reach the same result.
    • The Ruby on rails framework also supports MySQL, SQL, SQL Server, DB2 and Oracle.
    • ROR provides very flexible solutions, final output depends on user choice no pre-format is mandatory, image cropping, resizing, multi-language support, excellent usability, sortable tree-based admin interface, layout editor, scaffold template is created.

Our ROR Propositions:

    • Web based interactive solutions with AJAX
    • Porting application from other technologies
    • Expertise in developing apps involving social networking and map integration
    • Skilled in serving PDA, iPhone and desktop application clients through web services
    • Test and behavior driven programming services
    • Content Management system for websites
    • Rails deployment and hosting in Amazon EC2 and using Fusion Passenger
    • Custom XML Parser and Ruby Crawler class implementation
    • Mongo mapper class implementation

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