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Best Node JS Development Company:
Node JS is a runtime system for creating server-side applications. It's best known as a popular means for JavaScript coders to build real-time Web APIs.Node.js is a very powerful JavaScript-based framework built on Google Chrome’s JavaScript V8 Engine. It has an event-driven architecture and asynchronous I/O model making Node.js unique compared to other web languages (e.g. PHP, .Net).
At Technorizen, we have been developing I/O intensive applications (e.g. Chat, Video Sites, Single page app) using mean stack – Node JS Development.
Uses of Node JS :

  • Server-side Proxy:Node.js can handle server-side proxy with ease when collecting data from multiple source points with a different response rate.
  • Analytics & Monitoring tools: Most of the large Analytics and Monitoring tool companies use node.js to handle a large amount of request and process them to get
        desired output.
  • Chat Application:Using Web Sockets and express.js, Node.js is the optimum choice to build a lightweight, data-intensive, low processing chat application
  • Data Streaming:Real-time audio and video data encoding are utilized with Node.js during data upload, simultaneous processing is possible too.
  • Our Core Practices in NodeJS Programming includes:

    And many others:
    • Re-use of codes and low level API facilities
    • Performance is very fast
    • Manipulation of data is easy
    • Speedy or scalable
    • lightweight and simple modification
    • Node.js REST/JSON API
    • Customized Node.js Website Development
    • Real time statistics display
    Our Core Practices in NodeJS Programming includes:
    • Real time chat and search apps
    • Web APIs
    • Rails provide fast and easy development with quality results.
    • Plugin development
    • Node.js Customization And Integration
    • Node.js REST/JSON API
    • Customized Node.js Website Development
    • Real time statistics display

    Every business of today must adding Node.JS development service. At Technorizen Node.JS development services, you would not face a hard time for managing influx of users, when your business grows. Node.JS development services is not diffrent from other platforms, but the way Technorizen Solutions Group take up Node.JS development, it does make a difference. Our Node.JS developers make sure that clients benefit from app performance, speed and scalability.

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